Why E-Books and Music are NOT the Same

So on occasion in this e-book revolution, people bring up how illegally shared music is hurting the music industry. And how illegally shared e-books will hurt the publishing industry.

I won't deny that. But I would like to point out a MAJOR difference between CDs and illegally downloaded music, and books and e-books.

One CD = about $20 = about 15 songs

You're not going to like ALL of those songs. You may only want to ever listen to one or two. There's a reason why I've only bought maybe five CDs in my entire life. And that's it. I don't like a song well enough to pay $20 for it and a bunch of songs that I don't like.

You can't do that with a book. If you buy a book, it's because you want to read the WHOLE book. You don't buy a book, read the fifteenth chapter, and then set it on the shelf for the time when you want to read that chapter again (unless you're my mom, but she's crazy that way).

And that concludes my rant of the week.


That is an exceedingly good point. Obviously they're both stealing, but stealing e-books seems a bit heftier, especially when you put it that way.

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