February Check-In

Another month has come and gone (though where it went I'm not entirely sure at this point). This post is a little late but in my defense I was in a car for most of the last day of the month.

Word count: 10,042
I still don't have a specific new WIP, but I did manage to top January's word count easily. This is mostly short pieces and new scenes that I added to Weredragon in the course of revisions. I do intend to have a new project for March, finally.

Read: 4
This brings my total up to 7, though in order to be on track I should have read 16 at this point in the year. Of those four, two were proofs and one was for class. The only book I finished for fun was Rose Under Fire by Elizabeth Wein which I definitely enjoyed.

Watched: 3
This brings my total up to 4, when I should be up to 8. I watched Thor: The Dark World finally and enjoyed it so much. I love the first movie, but I have to admit this one was much better. I also watched Frozen which is adorable with fantastic music and a great message. I already knew the music would be awesome because I've listened to Let It Go more times than I care to count. And finally, I watched Sharknado which was the most ridiculous movie I have ever seen in my life and yet somehow really good at the same time.

Things I've Never Done: 
Nothing new to report on this one this month, but that's okay. There's plenty of time left in the year. 


Ronald L. Smith said…
God, I just have to watch Sharknado.

Still haven't watched Thor yet!

Nice blog you have!

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