Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday Updates: May 20

It's been a rather busy week with lots of great TV news and season finales. All of my shows season finales aired this week. All of them.

Once Upon a Time season finale was lovely. I was wavering on whether or not I was actually going to continue with the show for season three, but the finale clinched it. Castle finale is killing me with its unfair extreme cliffhangers. NCIS finale was worse than Once and Castle put together.

DOCTOR WHO. I don't even know how I feel about this one. I'm all lost and confused and it was brilliant but I raged for five minutes after the end and I don't even know.

And if I thought Once and Doctor Who and Castle and NCIS were bad...I watched the Arrow finale. If you aren't watching Arrow, you might want to think about checking it out because it's a great show.

The Agents of SHIELD trailer is here and IT IS FANTASTIC. I'm so excited for the show to start in the fall. It's going to be brilliant. The Once Upon a Time in Wonderland trailer was also revealed. As if I didn't have enough shows to look forward to already.

And Oxbow won the Preakness yesterday, breaking any chance of a Triple Crown winner in 2013. The Red Wings are playing round 2 of the playoffs against the Blackhawks. They lost game 1 and retaliated with a fantastic game 2 victory on Saturday...and I'll shut up about sports now, I'm sorry. 

Books read: 2
I finished reading Bittersweet last week and a review is forthcoming.

Words written: 1,851
It's been a week of ups and downs writing-wise. The good news is I have started writing again and I know where I'm going with my WIP. I've just been really busy and my laptop started having technical difficulties.