Change is Coming...

I watched Soul Surfer yesterday. It's now one of my favorite movies. If you haven't seen it, I would definitely rent it when you can. It's an amazing story.


On Wednesday, I'm officially leaving for college. Because this is my freshman year, I'm not sure how things are really going to work. Instead of stopping blogging completely, I'm going to cut back.

I'll be posting on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Because of their time consuming nature (and the fact that, unlike normal posts, I can't just schedule them when I have an idea for a post), I'm discontinuing Week in Shorts, at least until I get an idea of my workload. Querytracker and YA Highway both do a fantastic job of weekly link round-ups.

I will, however, attempt to continue participating in Road Trip Wednesday. Except for this Wednesday because I will literally be on the road and without computer access all day.

Once I have an idea of my workload, I may up my posting or bring back Week in Shorts depending on how things go.


Alyssa said…
Soul Surfer is an AWESOME movie. And Bethany Hamilton is amazing.
Brittany said…
I loved Soul Surfer! I saw it in theaters but I'm planning on renting and watching it again. And I hope you'll be able to pick up the Week in Shorts again- they're very helpful.

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