Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Harry Potter Week: Favorite Characters

THREE DAYS! Today I wanted to talk about my favorite characters. These are in some particular order, but I love these characters so much that it's hard for me to pick favorites.

She will always be my favorite character. When I first started reading the series, I dreamed about playing her in the movies. I had the hair, I had the teeth, I shared Hermione's passion for reading. As far as I was concerned, Hermione was me. Which is why Hermione is and will always be my favorite character. I know exactly how it feels to be teased for not having any friends. I know exactly how it feels to be laughed at for your bushy hair.

He's been in my heart since the moment he walked into the series. I would have given anything for him to be my teacher. His death was one I cried the hardest for and the only one that I still haven't accepted. His compassion, willing to teach, and love for Harry despite his circumstances were unmatched.

She was another incredibly awesome character. I may or may not have cried when I finally realized that the reason for her distress was because she was in love with Lupin. I cheered for several minutes when they got married.

My attitude towards Snape went through an entirely Harry-like transformation throughout the book. From Sorcerer's Stone to Order of the Phoenix, I hated him. When he killed Dumbledore, I actually ran from my room in a murderous rage and ranted incoherently to my mom for about five minutes. And yet, when he died, I cried for him. When I realized why he had done all the things he did, it all made sense, even if it was a little twisted. Snape is quite possibly the greatest character in the entire series. The scene where he casts his Patronus and Dumbledore says, "Still? After all this time?" and Snape says, "Always" is one of my favorite scenes from the series.

I think this one goes without saying. His development throughout the series was excellent. He goes from being a small boy hiding in a broom cupboard to a boy willing to lay down his own life to save everyone he loves.

He has the greatest character arc of all. He goes from being a short boy who's constantly losing her toad and always being bullied to a man that stands up to Voldemort. Neville is an inspiration for anyone who's ever been bullied. I can't wait for the scene where he pulls the sword out of the hat. It gives me goosebumps just thinking about it.

I think he's one for everyone's lists. He was a great man and reminds me somewhat of Harry. He was a true Gryffindor caught in a family of Slytherin's.

Who are your favorite characters?


Brittany said...

I agree with all of your favorite characters, especially Neville and Hermione. I also love Fred, George, Hagrid, and Luna Lovegood. Another one of my favorites is Ron- I love how he has to deal with his insecurities in HP7, especially about Hermione and how he feels like Harry's better than him. I adored Dobby and Winky and Hedwig. But I pretty much loved all of the HP characters (at least the good ones). :)