Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Boy Meets Boy Review

Boy Meets Boy
by David Levithan
This is the story of Paul, a sophomore at a high school like no other: the cheerleaders ride Harleys, the homecoming queen used to be a gay named Daryl (she now prefers Infinite Darlene), and the gay-straight alliance was formed to help the straight kids learn how to dance.

When Paul meets Noah, he thinks he's found the one his heart is made for. Until he blows it. The school bookie says the odds are 12 to 1 against getting Noah back, but Paul's not giving up without playing his love really loud. His best friend Joni might be driving away, his other best friend Tony might be dealing with ultra-religious parents, and his ex-boyfriend Kyle might not be going away anytime soon...but sometimes everything needs to fall apart before it can really fit together right.

I picked this book up after reading Will Grayson, Will Grayson because I'd never read a Levithan book before. When I started to read, I was in the midst of a post-Potter depression and couldn't seem to concentrate on anything for more than a couple minutes. However, this book sucked me in and I absorbed it in a single afternoon. I. Loved. It.

The characters were all very believable and I almost felt like they were my best friends. I especially loved Noah. I love the originality and concept of a character that paints music. That scene made me want to try it right away. The romance between him and Paul was beautiful. I love the scene with the flowers and the scene with the candles.

Even as Paul starts to make mistakes and screw everything up, it feels right. Not right as in, it was the right thing to do, but right as in right for the story.

Also, I want a team of cheerleaders on motorcycles.

Overall: 10/10 I wasn't even finished with it yet and I already wanted to read it again.