Thursday, September 16, 2010

Types of Books

In my mind, books can be divided into four categories.

#1 Slow and Steady to Savor
These are, in my mind, the best. These are the books I read slowly so that I can enjoy every word. The books that I never want to end. I might stop and put the book down every chapter or two to think about what's happened, but it always pulls me back a few seconds later.

These are almost equal to #1. These are the books that are full of suspense. Tension! Action! They drag you through the pages, racing to see how it all turns out. However, they may be lacking something besides tension keeping me reading.

#3 Let Me Just Skip Ahead...
These books are typically good in some areas because they make me want to see how it all ends, but they lack the tension or the likeable characters or the concise writing to keep me reading through normally. These books might be longer than they need to be, or the pacing might be too slow.

#4: I'm Done
These are the books I don't even bother to see through to the end for one reason or another. I might hate the main character. The premise might be something I'm not interested in. I might just want to read something else more. The writing might bother my head.

Do you have categories for the books you read? Which one do you prefer, #1 or #2?


M.J. Horton said...

#2 definitely has to be my favorite most of the time. Though sometimes I do like to cuddle up with a #1, but those! :D

Caitlin R. O'Connell said...

Generally, if I like a book, I read it like it's a #2 book - I read mind-bogglingly fast, and suspense and tension just add to that. Sometimes, though, I'll go back and read it again so I can savor it (I did that with Paper Towns, actually).