Whooo Black Diamond's Done!

That's right! Black Diamond is now complete at 36,000 words. It's off on a short vacation before I do a major overhaul. It definitely needs some fleshing out in places. I'd like to at least get it over 40,000 words.

Shipwrecked has hit a small wall. I know what needs to happen I just need to figure out what the scenery looks like between start and destination.

I have set a self-imposed deadline for querying Andra. It has to be fully edited by April 3rd which is the last Friday before Spring Break for me. That way I can query over spring break and anxiously await responses. :D

Thieves is on hold indefinitely. Honestly, I'm really not sure where he's going. I'm thinking about taking a look at my ideas list and seeing if anything catches my eye. Though I should be concentrating on Shipwrecked, my beta reading, and that pesky thing known as "school".


Race said…
YAY on finishing BD. And I'm sure you'll hit at least 40K. It is amazing what a little editing can do!
deltay said…
Really? My Spring Break is this week, and thus far all my self-imposed deadlines... arne't going to well. :(

Congrats on finishing BD! That's pretty awesome. I'm sure you'll work out Shipwrecked in no time. =)

I'm a little worried about KM - it might only just go over the 30K mark by the time the first draft is done. :S

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