My Writing

I haven't talked about my writing in a while so now would probably be a good time. It's going pretty well.

Andra - With her third beta. I'm guessing one or two more revisions and then I'll be sending her out to agents. I'm actually looking forward to querying. Not really sure why, since most queries end with rejections. I'm crazy. :)

Black Diamond - finished for the second time after a flash drive accident caused me to lose the ending. Still resting up for first edit which I'm probably going to start today.

Shipwrecked - Going very well. I lost 10,000 words in another flash drive accident the Friday before last, but I've caught up again. Currently standing at 28,000 words.

Thieves - On hold indefinitely. I have a few other projects that I'm thinking about starting instead since I'm not entirely sure where this one is going. But nothing new has been started. I have three main projects that I'm considering, but nothing concrete. I'd like to keep all my focus on my beta reading, editing, and writing Shipwrecked for now.


Anonymous said…
Naah, querying is fun. Even the rejections are fun, because you know that your stuff got OUT THERE. :)

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