Wednesday, February 5, 2014

What's Up Wednesday: February 5

What's Up Wednesday is a weekly blog hop created by Jaime Morrow and Erin Funk to help writers stay in touch.

What I'm Reading: 
Still Rose Under Fire, though I will be finishing it this week. I'm also reading Texaco by Patrick Chamboiseau for class and not enjoying it in the least. It's a very wordy, complicated, and literary story and that's not my style at all. The story itself is set in Martinique (Caribbean) and spans roughly 150 years of history. It's Marie-Sophie Laboireax telling the story of her grandfather, father, and finally herself and how the shantytown of Texaco was founded.

What I'm Writing: 
I've taken the last week and a half off Weredragon revisions in order to focus on keeping out with school and work. It's back on my to do list today, though, and I'm excited to dive back in.

What Inspires Me: 
I'm having trouble thinking of anything for this one right now.

What Else I've Been Up To: 
Olympics! They start tomorrow and the opening ceremony is on Friday. I didn't grow up in a big sports household so I've never been able to watch nearly as much as I intend to this year. I'm especially excited for hockey. There are ten Red Wings in all playing for various teams, plus our coach is coaching Canada's team. I'm looking forward to seeing them play.


Stephsco said...

I'm also excited for the Olympics. Already I see there's controversy that Shaun White dropped a competition by choice; people are slamming him for opting out, even though he has an injury from practicing on the course. Suddenly, everybody's an expert...

Miss Cole said...

Glad to hear you can get back to writing :D Enjoy!

I kinda forgot about the Olympics until today, whoops!

Colin Smith said...

Sorry you're not enjoying the class book, Rachael. Hopefully you're at least learning something about what doesn't work for you, and your own reading/writing tastes.

My wife's excited about the start of the Winter Olympics. I don't know that I'll catch much of it, but I daresay I'll watch some events. Now, when the World Cup starts in the Summer, I'll be following along very closely! ;)

All the best with your revisions this week. I hope your renewed enthusiasm for your work leads to lots of beautiful words and sentences! :)

Angel Leigh said...

Good luck with your revisions. I am also looking forward to the Olympics. :) Have a great week.

Brain Storming said...
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