RTW - Best Book of March

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This Week's Topic: 
What was the best book you read in March?

Books read: 3 (almost) 

I'm going to cheat this month and pick a book that I haven't actually finished yet (but will likely finish today, and will definitely finish before Sunday).

Clockwork Angel
by Cassandra Clare
Infernal Devices #1
This is my second time reading CA. Clockwork Princess arrived in my mailbox on Saturday and I've been working on this one since I came back from break trying to prepare. I meant to reread both this one and CPrince before Princess arrived, but sadly that didn't happen. 

I will say that reading this book knowing what I know from Prince makes it even better (and, dare I say, a little more heart-wrenching). It's a fantastic first installment to the trilogy. This one is my third favorite Clare book (ranked behind City of Glass and Clockwork Prince). I love getting an in-depth look into past Shadowhunter events, and the historical elements. 

Also, Will and Jem. I love Will and Jem.


Colin Smith said…
I read CITY OF BONES, and while I appreciated the depth of the world Cassandra created, I just didn't care for the writing. Not for me. But I realize I'm in a minority, which is great for Cassandra. She clearly puts a lot of work into her books, so it's good that there are people who love them.
Nickie said…
I haven't read any of Clare's work, but I've seen a lot of good buzz for the Clockwork series. Oh my TBR list, it gets longer every day...

Her covers are droolworthy, aren't they?

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